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Analog Art

Acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings, murals, drawings and miniature figurines

Stone Lake
The Clouds are Watching
Magic and Sorcery
Utah Beauty
Lured to the River
Desert Riding
Still Death
The Unseen
The Blooming
Visceral Topography
Reality Rising
Buttons on Parade
Glimpsing Eternity
Cleveland Dream
The Next Evolution
Purpose in Chaos
Live Ohio Sky
Red Rocks of Utah 2020
SLC Mural Fest 2018
Town Scene 1
Town Scene 2
Left Half Dining Room
Right Half Dining Room
Art City Mural Cleveland
Art City Mural
Stair Mural 1
Stair Mural Detail 1
Stair Mural Detail 2
Tuscan Vinyard
E Open Your Eyes
BLM in SLC 2020
T Stand Tall
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